Forestry Researcher

Employment Status: Full-time (Two Year Contract)

Salary Range: GS-17/05-07: $64,804.00 - $70,264.00 per annum

Application Deadline: July 15th, 2024

Under the supervision of the Research Coordinator, the Forestry Researcher leads a research program to improve understanding and management of American Samoa’s forest resources. The program is responsive to local stakeholder inputs while meeting grantor requirements. Research may address issues in the areas of forest health and invasive species, urban and community forestry, conservation of native forests and wildlife, agroforestry, and sustainable management and utilization of forest resources. The Forestry Researcher also provides technical support for the Division’s Forest Health, Urban and Community Forestry, and Forest Stewardship programs as well as forest-related programs at other local and federal government agencies. 

The Forestry Research program aims to increase understanding of American Samoa’s forest ecosystems in support of sound, stakeholder-responsive stewardship to ensure these natural treasures are preserved for future generations. The seven islands of American Samoa remain mostly forested, with inroads for agriculture and other development limited in part by the steep, rugged terrain. Major threats to the native forests include spreading invasive exotic tree species and more recently, pressure to move agriculture, as well as roads and other infrastructure, upslope to mitigate against climate-change induced sea level rise. Traditional agroforestry production systems remain key to enhancing food security, and trees are an abundant and essential part of the village environment as well as public spaces, such as parks and school grounds.


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