Fruits for Life


American Samoa Instruction Greenhouse - Fruits for Life Greenhouse

Fruits for Life Greenhouse

The Fruits for Life Greenhouse serves as a living laboratory for ASCC students enrolled in ACNR courses. Students are able to experience agriculture in person. Under the guidance of ACNR Instructors and the Greenhouse Technician, students receive hands-on experience with planting crops and maintaining a greenhouse. The greenhouse also promotes the production of locally grown fruit trees and nuts to improve nutrition and healthy living. 

Some of the fruits available inside the Fruits for Life Greenhouse include: Golden Apple (vi), French Peanut, Guava, Cocoa, Papaya, Lemon Grass, Tahitian Lime, Soursop (sasalapa), Sweet Orange, Calamansi Lemon, Star Apple, Passion fruit, Starfruit, Mexican Key Lime, Mango, and Breadfruit. The Greenhouse also has several herbs growing inside such as Basil, Mint, and Oregano.

Eirenei Tesimale

Greenhouse Technician